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St. John, IN

St. John, IN

Facts about St. John, IN

Located in Lake County, 9 miles south of Hammond, IN and 29 miles south of Chicago, IL. St. John, we are conveniently located as the premier pet store near you! There are many outdoor areas to explore such as Lemon Lake County Park, Hoosier Prairie State Nature Preserve, or Palmira Golf & Country Club. Your pet will also have plenty of places to visit in St. John, IN! You can leash them up and take them with you on a run down the Erie Lackawanna Trail. Want to take them on a dog park adventure without their leash? Check out one of the dog parks in town like Wiggley Field Dog Park or Centennial Park Dog Park!

See what our families are saying

Alexandra Canino 


“I just got got my puppy from here! She’s absolutely perfect! Everyone was so nice during the process of trying to find the perfect dog for me. They were so helpful when I was doing the financing. I love that I was able to go home with not only my puppy but other items she would need too!”

Amanda Kelaiditis


“We have gotten 4 of our dogs from here and have been nothing but happy with them. My husband’s family have gotten their dogs here for many, many years and have had no health related issues with them. The staff has always been friendly and helpful when we were making the decision to bring a puppy home. They allowed us to take our time to decide if the pup was a good fit for us.”

Puppies and breeds available at Happiness is Pets

We offer many different breeds from beagles, to cocker spaniels, to dachshunds, goldendoodles, malti-poos, shih tzus, toy poodles, and yellow labradors! You can check out our full list of available breeds and list of available puppies by visiting the embedded hyperlinks. We also encourage you to check out our health warranty page to learn about our unique system built with your happiness in mind!



Our guarantee

We stand behind every puppy we sell

Happiness is Pets prides itself in providing healthy, happy puppies to our customers. We stand behind every puppy we sell. With over 25 years of experience, we feel we offer a health warranty that supersedes other sources and is the industry leader.

7 day veterinary check

You will receive an initial veterinary exam within 7 days of purchase and any necessary medication will be provided at no charge, except normal and routine puppy vaccinations.

30 day veterinary care

Happiness Is Pets will continue to provide any required veterinary care, except normal and routine puppy vaccinations, for a total of 30 days after purchase. Happiness Is Pets will extend this care for any routine ailment that arises during this first 30 day period until such time as that ailment is corrected.

4 year health warranty

If within 4 years of the date of birth of your puppy, he/she is diagnosed by a veterinarian as having a life-threatening congenital defect and this information is reported to Happiness Is Pets within that 4 year period, you will receive a replacement puppy of equal value or (1/2) of the purchase price of your puppy. This only applies to those conditions that will no self-correct during the first year.

Happiness Is Pets will never require you to relinquish ownership of your puppy. This is where our warranty surpasses warranties from other pet store and breeders.

We will never require you to relinquish ownership of your puppy; this is where our warranty surpasses that of our competitors.




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