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Our trusted partners

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Goldendoodles - Cockapoos

Havaneses - Miniature Schauzers - Shih Tzus

Lhasa Apsos

French Bulldogs - English Bulldogs - Victorian Bulldogs - Shiba Inus

Yorkies - Pomeranians - Malteses

French Bulldogs - Poodles - Boston Terriers

Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers

Shih Tzus

Home sweet home

A peek into where the dogs call home

All of our USDA partnered breeders kennels contain direct-access outdoor runs that the dogs can go to 24 hours a day. These runs can then be opened up to large social enrichment areas that are around 2500 sq/ft, with the largest being 3 acres! These areas give the dogs the opportunity to exercise and socialize with other dogs and the breeders themselves which makes for happy hearts all around.

Our trusted partners

What we look for in our breeders

We care about the quality of the breeders we call partners and friends and look for only the most honest, knowledgeable and caring breeders to work with. With an emphasis on offering the best puppies possible from the healthiest and most socially adjusted dogs, we visit many of our USDA partnered breeders on a monthly basis to ensure the dogs are well cared for and loved.

Our Partners are Honest, Knowledgeable and Caring

Our guarantee

Peace of mind for you and your puppy


4 year health warranty

We offer a 4 year health warranty on all our puppies.

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30 day veterinary care

We have partnerships with local vets to make sure that your new puppy is taken care of.


All breeder-direct

All of our puppies come from the breeders above. We have extremely clean and well nourished environments.

Puppy visiting hours

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11am - 9pm

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