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Breed Information

Olde Bulldog

Olde English Bulldogges are sturdy, muscular and big-boned—yet, somewhat nimble and athletic. Their powerful, bulky heads have broad muzzles and furrowed brows. Their ears can be perky or hanging. They have thick, powerful necks and stocky legs—creating a somewhat “cobby” body. Old English Bulldogges have short, coarse coats that can come in white with patches of red, gray and brindle; or solid colors of fawn, red, black or black & white.

Breed characteristics

A few facts about this lovable breed

Olde Bulldog's Average Weight


Average weight is 40 - 65 lbs

Olde Bulldog's Average Height


Average height is 15 - 19 inches

Olde Bulldog's Personality


alert, confident and loving