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Breed Information

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a true working foxhunter, possessing a ready attitude, alertness, confidence, and great strength and endurance. Today, many JRTs are also found working in stables and exhibiting at agility and obedience trials. The breed’s weatherproof coat can be broken (wire-haired) or smooth and is white, white with black or tan markings or tri-color Outgoing and friendly, the JRT is tenacious in the field and affectionate in the home. No matter the venue, the breed is filled with energy, so he requires regular exercise and attention. Although good with children, he does not tolerate rough handling from toddlers. The JRT is a clean breed and does not need frequent bathing, but the broken coat may need to be hand stripped.

Breed characteristics

A few facts about this lovable breed

Jack Russell Terrier's Average Weight


Average weight is 13 - 17 lbs

Jack Russell Terrier's Average Height


Average height is 10 -12 inches

Jack Russell Terrier's Personality


active and busy