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Breed Information

Black Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds out there today. Loyal, easy to get along with, and easy to train, these retrievers could be considered a neighborhood classic all around the United States and even in other parts of the world. Friendly, accepting and not territorial, Labrador Retrievers are ideal house pets. Despite their relatively large size, Labrador Retrievers are not a particularly hostile or aggressive breed and bond quite easily with children and adults alike. Because they are called “Retrievers,” Labradors make a perfect dog for tossing a Frisbee or a ball outside and respond well to play.

Breed characteristics

A few facts about this lovable breed

Black Labrador Retriever's Average Weight


Average weight is 55-75 lbs

Black Labrador Retriever's Average Height


Average height is 22-24 inches

Black Labrador Retriever's Personality


Intelligent, easygoing, gentle