Help Your Puppy Interact with Strangers

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Help Your Puppy Interact with Strangers

We’ve all heard the stories about the long-lasting rivalry between the dog and the mail man.  Whether it’s your neighbor, the mailman or a stranger, here are some tips for ensuring that you can trust your dog to behave next time you cross paths with another person.

Just one dog bite can cause injury, a lawsuit or worse. Most stories we hear about involving dogs becoming aggressive or biting are on account of the animal feeling threatened or scared. For example, a dog may feel anxious or afraid when a child or stranger reaches out to pet them.

Other reasons that could cause aggressive behavior in your puppy are:

  • Leaving your puppy alone for long periods of time
  • Physical discomfort
  • Being bullied by people or other animals

By recognizing your dog’s behavior ahead of time you can work on removing him from certain situations or modifying the behavior to prevent any problems. The proper training can often prevent aggressive behavior early on as this is a critical stage.

Socializing your dog with other dogs and people at an early age can help him or her learn to enjoy the company of others and be respectful. Consistently enforce rules with your puppy so that he becomes accustomed to you handling his food and toys. Never scare your puppy as to startle him; instead use a firm and calm voice. When your puppy exhibits subordinate and respectful behavior, reward him with treats and praise.

With these basic tips, you can help socialize your puppy and enforce calm and positive interactions with strangers as well as other animals. For further help, inquire about training from a professional or ask your local veterinarian.


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