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Because we only sell puppies we are able to offer a large selection of choices. Many of the pups we handle come from champion bloodlines. Also, most of the puppies we carry from our “USDA partnered breeders” (those whose puppies we acquire directly) come from bloodlines with various degrees of OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Hip, Heart and Knee Certification.  If you are looking for a purebred puppy, you can do so with confidence at Happiness Is Pets.


With the emphasis on offering the best puppies possible from the healthiest and most socially adjusted dogs, we visit many of our USDA partnered breeders on a monthly basis.

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We have  given guidance and assistance to many of our USDA partnered breeders to help them construct large, enclosed outdoor play areas for their dogs.  Equally as important, we have assisted many of our USDA partnered breeders in genetically testing and registering their adult dogs to ensure they are free of the most common genetic conditions that could be passed down to their puppies.   All of our USDA partnered breeders kennels contain direct-access outdoor runs that the dogs can go to 24 hours a day.  Those runs can then be opened up to large social enrichment areas that are on average approximately 2500 sq/ft, with the largest being 3 acres! These areas give the dogs the opportunity to romp around and socialize with other dogs and the breeders themselves.

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Many of our USDA partnered breeders utilize solid surface flooring inside of their kennels with some pen sizes being 4 times larger than the USDA requirement.  

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